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Membership Software

Check in Members and Guests at the Pool.

Simple and Fast. Internet Optional.

Who's it for? Community swimming pools or other small facilities that need simple, membership management software. Perform front desk check-in for members and guests, and track facility usage. Ideal for HOA, apartment, and condo associations.


How is it different? Most facility management software is expensive and has features for commercial club management that small organizations don't need. PoolPass is specifically tailored for community pools and is simple and intuitive to use.   

How does it work? We offer two modes of operation, cloud and standalone: 



  • Access on any web browser or one of our apps

  • Multiple user types: admins, managers, attendants

  • Check-in members at multiple locations

  • Data is secured and backed up in the cloud

  • Sell passes and concessions in the marketplace



  • For facilities without internet or for single point-of-use

  • Data saved to your local device

  • Windows, Mac OS, and iOS versions

  • Purchase once - use forever

Access via Mobile App

Prefer to go mobile? Use the PoolPass app with your iPad tablet or iPhone. The standalone version stores data right on your device, and can be backed up using iCloud.

No Wi-fi? No problem. Use our Cloud Service with your 3G/4G cellular enabled tablet or phone.


Use your device's camera to capture member images and scan barcodes. Or use a paired Bluetooth barcode scanner at check-in.


Access via Web Portal

PoolPass is available on your favorite web browser! Access the Cloud Service securely on any device, including Android mobile and Chromebooks. No need to download and install software. You can set up multiple users including administrators, facility managers, and attendants.



Go paperless - send your patrons an ePass right to their mobile phone.  They tap their pass in the wallet app and show their phone to your front desk attendant to be scanned.

ePasses woman holding Phone.jpg

Sell items in your Marketplace

  • Cashless concessions

  • Sell passes / entry tickets online

  • Patrons purchase through the web and redeem at your facility

  • Your attendants don't handle cash or credit cards

  • Safe and secure online transactions handled by Stripe


Create your own Member Passes

Create your own Member pass cards with integrated card designer software. Design a custom template for your pool with your own logo/artwork. Add templates for Member name, picture, barcode, and more. Print member cards directly to a printer or export to .pdf and outsource your printing. 


Below, the template on the left generates the member card on the right, ready for printing. You can bulk print/export multiple member cards as well.


Check-in with RFID Tags

Check-in with RFID proximity tags or cards. Scan in patrons using a USB contactless card reader. Facilities with existing access control systems can now use PoolPass for check-in using the same cards or tags. When using a browser to access PoolPass, use our RFID Companion software to scan cards.


Our Customers

PoolPass is serving over 200 facilities across the United States and internationally. See where our customers are and what they're saying...


Bosnia and Herzegovina


United Kingdom





“PoolPass has been a phenomenal product for our pool. Gone are the days of paper records, and here are the days of digital ease. We are very pleased with how well this system has worked for us, and our members have warmly embraced it. It has made it so much easier for me as the Membership Chair to prepare for the season and has been a powerful resource for our gate check-in staff.”

— Ken, Springfield, VA

Product Brochure

Download a PoolPass product brochure below:

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