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Design your custom membership ID cards using the PoolPass integrated graphics editor. Add and edit images, text, shapes and style with colors, gradients, and shadows.


Add templates for member data, images, and barcodes, then print multiple membership cards from any connected printer.

Create multiple templates for other media such as form letters, envelopes, or labels.

Barcodes: multiple barcode formats are supported. For 1D laser barcode scanners, recommended formats are Code128, Code39 or Code93, and UPC. 2D formats such as QR codes are possible with optical scanners. 

Card Designer in Action: Want to see how easy it is to create a template customized to your facility? Click on the tutorial video below for a tour of the integrated editor.

barcodes code128 C39 QR Code UPC PDF417 MicroQR Aztec Code

PoolPass Card Designer Tutorial

Samples: Get started quickly with example templates. Download a sample and open it from the Card Designer tab inside PoolPass.

Need Print Services? Our preferred partner can bulk print directly to plastic membership cards and ship them to your door. You can upload your generated file directly on their website. Click below to learn more.

RFID Cards

Speed up member check-in by using RFID cards or tags - ideal for facilities that are already using smart cards or proximity cards for physical access control. 

Supported Card Types: PoolPass supports low-frequency (125kHz) proximity tags and cards of various formats as well as high frequency (13.56MHZ) ISO14443 cards and tags. Products known to work with PoolPass are listed below:

ISOProx Compatible Cards
  • Weigand Formats

  • H10301 (26-bit)

  • H10302 (37-bit)

  • H10304 (37-bit)   

  • 125kHz proximity card 

Mifare Compatible Cards
  • ISO14443a

  • 13.56MHz

  • Read-only UID

  • Mifare Classic, Ultralight, Plus, and DesFire

EM4100 RFID Tags
  • EM4100 format

  • 125kHz proximity tag 

  • Read-only ID number

  • Also available in cards

Mifare Compatible Wristbands
  • Waterproof models

  • ISO14443a format

  • 13.56MHz

  • Read-only UID

Supported Devices: PoolPass supports devices using the PC/SC and ISO7816 specification. These devices are plug-and-play; no device drivers are necessary since the device will use the built-in CCID device driver on Windows and Mac OS. Note: The PoolPass iOS version does not support RFID at this time.

Select your device based on the ID card/tag you are using. 

125kHz Proximity Readers:  HID Omnikey 5025

ISO14443 Card Readers:  HID Omnikey 5422, HID Omnikey 5022

Dual Frequency (Supports both 125kHz and 13.56MHz devices): HID Omnikey 5427CK

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