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PoolPass Highlighted Features

💻 = Desktop/Laptop Feature (Win/Mac)

📱 = Mobile Feature (iOS)

🌐 = Web Browser Feature

Front Desk Check-In

💻📱🌐 Barcode check-in 

💻📱🌐 Member name lookup

💻📱🌐 Kiosk mode (unattended check-in) 

     📱     Device camera barcode scan

💻📱🌐 Track Occupancy with in/out counter

💻📱🌐 Check-Out Option

💻📱🌐 Guest Register Option

💻    🌐  Multi-member (family) check-in

💻    🌐  RFID check-in

💻📱🌐 Restrictions by location (cloud only)


💻📱🌐 Graph member and guest check-ins

💻📱🌐 Filter check-in statistics by location

💻📱🌐 Total membership count history

💻📱🌐 Member usage graph

💻📱🌐 Guest pass usage graph

💻📱🌐 Occupancy graph by location

💻          Graph most popular days/times     

💻    🌐 Export statistics to spreadsheet

Membership Management

💻📱🌐 Load member photos from file

💻📱🌐 Capture photos with webcam

💻          Photo editor

💻📱🌐 Membership guest passes

💻📱🌐 Optional limited entry passes

💻📱🌐 Optional expiration date

💻📱🌐 Logged check-in times

💻📱🌐 Member table with search

For Managers

💻📱🌐 Suspend memberships or members

💻📱🌐 Group email to members

💻📱🌐 Manage multiple facilities (cloud)

💻📱🌐 Replenish guest passes

💻📱🌐 Import database from spreadsheet

💻📱🌐 Export database to spreadsheet

💻📱🌐 Exportable log of all front desk activity


💻📱🌐 Administrative password

💻📱🌐 Data-at-rest encrypted

💻📱🌐 Encrypted connection to cloud

Card Designer        💻 Only

  • Design a member ID-card, label, letter, form letter, and more

  • Supports multiple pages on each template - print front and back

  • Template fields are replaced by member information such as name, picture, barcode, or other member data.

  • Add custom shapes, pictures, and word art.

  • Print to any media or export to .pdf

  • Save and reuse multiple custom templates

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