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Download the PoolPass App

The PoolPass App can be used in standalone or cloud mode. PoolPass is free to use in standalone mode for organizations with less than 50 members. Larger organizations can buy additional capacity.

To use the app in cloud-mode, sign up for a cloud account.

Download v5.5.0 for Windows (64 bit)

Minimum Version: Windows 7

Having trouble downloading in Chrome browser?

Try right-clicking the link and select "Open Link in Incognito Window"

Download v5.5.0 for Mac OS X (64-bit, Apple M)

Download v5.4.4 for Mac OS X (64-bit, Intel)

Not sure which Mac you have? Go to the Apple menu and select "About this Mac". The Chip/Processor will either be Apple M or Intel. 


Minimum Required Version: iOS 12.0

Known Issues

  • [MacOS only] Card Designer: When selecting a color using the Color Picker, on the Eyedropper panel - "Sample Color Under Mouse" sometimes crashes PoolPass.

  • [MacOS 11, Big Sur] RFID: No devices are detected, fixed in version 5.0


Windows Quick Start Instructions

  1. If you have an existing version v3.4.0 or earlier, uninstall it using the Windows settings panel.

  2. Download and run the Windows .exe install wizard.

  3. If SmartScreen filter appears, select "More Actions" and "Run Anyway" (see FAQ about signed software).

  4. Follow the instructions from the installer.

  5. PoolPass will automatically start after the installation is complete.

  6. You will be prompted for a folder to store the new database (use a new folder).

  7. Select the File-Based type database if you are evaluating the software, or Cloud-based if you have signed up for an account.

  8. Create a database password. This will be used each time you start up PoolPass.

  9. If you are using a Cloud account, enter the credentials you were provided.

  10. Additional help is available on the Help tab.


MacOS X Quick Start Instructions

  1. Download the .pkg file and open it.

  2. Follow the instructions from the installer.

  3. Run the PoolPass application from the Applications folder.

  4. You will be prompted for a folder to store the new database (use a new folder).

  5. Select the File-Based type database if you are evaluating the software, or Cloud-based if you have signed up for an account.

  6. Create a database password. This will be used each time you start up PoolPass.

  7. If you are using a Cloud account, enter the credentials you were provided.

  8. Additional help is available on the Help tab.

Sample Import Database


To import a sample database (.csv file), first download one of the sample files below. Then go to the Configuration tab, select "Import Members", and select the downloaded sample file. You can also customize this file in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.

Legacy Format (All versions)

Legacy sample file

Extended Format (Desktop Versions 5.2 and Web Portal Only)

Extended sample file

Sample Card Designer Templates

To download sample card templates, visit the card page.

Barcode Scanner Instructions

PoolPass should work with most USB barcode scanners.  PoolPass automatically highlights barcode entry fields on each tab.  Barcode scanners usually act like keyboards and pressing the trigger reads the code and enters the text into the highlighted field. You may need to configure your scanner to add <enter> or <return> after the scan is complete. The iOS version of PoolPass works with bluetooth barcode scanners.  

Webcam Instructions

PoolPass should work with most USB webcams, including the built in iSight cameras on Macs.

Version History​ (Windows/MacOS)


Initial public release


  • Database stores Member images, displays image on check-in

  • Image editor to load, crop, transform, and adjust Member images

  • Added feature to clear all member barcodes

  • Hotkeys to navigate between tabs

  • Button to manage recently checked-in Member


  • Webcam capture for Member images

  • Sound effects

  • Next and Previous Membership buttons


  • Prompt when unsaved changes may be lost

  • Various bug fixes


  • Support for cloud-based accounts


  • Graphs for Member usage and Memberships over time and by check-in location

  • Integrated mail composer/client

  • Named check-in locations (cloud mode) 



  • Graph for Member frequency by time and day

  • Optional expiration date for Memberships

  • Optional limited entry passes for each Member

  • Highlighting changes during editing

  • Fixes bug with email addresses


  • Freeform notes stored for each Membership

  • More efficient database access


  • Cc and Bcc fields in Email

  • Visual calendar for date fields


  • Security improvements for cloud connections

  • Support for smaller screens with less resolution

  • Fixes bug with imported Member birthdays

  • Automatic check for new software version


  • Added saturation adjustment for image editor

  • Fixes (rare) bug with config file corruption

  • Fixes issue where webcam doesn't always close cleanly


  • Card designer/template creator

  • More member list filters: check in day, has image, valid email

  • Barcode suggestion tool (incrementing value or random)


  • Fixed bug with fonts on Member Use Frequency graph

  • Allow dash in barcode field (barcode takes precedence when checking in)


  • RFID cards and tags - scanning and check-in

  • Multiple members possible in each card template page

  • New, faster Windows installer

  • Cloud security updates

  • Adjustable Member Table column widths

  • Member birthdays older than 1901 do not show age value

  • New Page Setup dialog in card designer

  • Minor bug fixes to card designer


  • Improved workflow using tabs to jump through Membership fields

  • Fixed bug with occasional double entries in Member table after refresh (cloud mode only)


  • Kiosk mode

  • Added guest pass count column to Member List

  • New and updated hotkeys

  • Allow unicode characters in all fields except Membership ID


  • Automatic backups (file mode only)

  • New Membership search field in Member List tab

  • Create card images

  • Colored age text box in card designer

  • Check-in from Manage Memberships tab

  • Updated initial password entry dialog with options


  • Cloud security updates

  • Import/Export Membership Notes field in .csv files

  • Absolute x/y element positioning in Card Designer


  • Updates to support MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

  • Increased stored Member image resolution


  • Create generic member cards with incrementing barcode numbers

  • Minor cosmetic improvements


  • Fix bug where no cameras were detected on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

  • Webcam capture window now can remain open indefinitely, allowing sequential Member image captures

  • Security improvements

  • New Windows Installer


  • Fix printer bug

  • Minor Card Designer updates including Open Recent Files


  • Fix email bug


  • Add occupancy counter and statistics graph

  • Fixed bug with Member frequency graph when database contains duplicate names



  • Bulk set or increment of Member Entry Passes

  • Fixed bug where focus did not return to barcode input after deducting from occupancy


  • Check-out Option

  • Guest Register Option

  • Member Notes field, visible at check-in

  • Filter Member Table by Members that are checked in

  • Activity Log (All-check in/out, guest pass usage) 

  • Manual log entries

  • Log check-in/out mode (Barcode, Lookup, or RFID)

  • Export Log

  • Guest Pass Use Frequency chart

  • Set all Expiration dates in bulk

  • Option to use your own email client to email Members

  • Bulk check-out of all Members and zero occupancy for all locations

  • Date display option as ISO 8601 or US format

  • Updates to Card Designer including Emoji shapes


  • Address field has multiple lines

  • Suspend/Reinstate all Memberships

  • Fixing bug in Member reassign where the previous check-in times, current check-in status, and Member notes were not transferred.


  • Selectable Member Actions with filters in Member List

  • Member "relation" field with suggestions

  • Membership History timestamp interpretation now uses UTC instead of local time (cloud mode only)


  • Compatibility with Marketplace/Web Portal

  • Tickets statistics

  • Log for tickets

  • Multi-Member Check-in/Out

  • Filters for Active Membership and Members

  • Generate new Barcodes for all Members

  • Card designer improvements: select elements on canvas and adjust image color temp and lightness

  • Fixed RFID bug in macOS Big Sur


  • Adding Membership Type field

  • Bulk method to rename Membership Types across all Memberships

  • Updating Card Designer to support Membership Type and Member Relation fields in template


  • Improved Import and Export of Members to .csv file, many more fields included


  • Check restrictions on check in (cloud only, restrictions managed through web portal)

  • Delete locations


  • Added Emergency Contact field to Membership


  • Fixing Card Designer bugs in MacOS

  • RFID card scan bug fix

v5.4.2 and v5.4.3

  • Windows 11 update (Windows)


  • File saving bug fixes


  • Adding Limited Member feature 

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