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Cloud Service

Access Granted Systems, LLC is now the exclusive provider of the PoolPass cloud service, in addition to many other services such as pass printing and application processing. Sign up for the cloud service here, or schedule a demonstration with Access Granted below.


About the Cloud Service

The PoolPass cloud service is ideal when you have multiple users in different locations that need to manage your member database. For instance, you may have a staff member at the front desk to check in members and a manager in the back office processing applications and making changes. With the cloud service, membership data and statistics are stored in a secure internet server and accessible anywhere, anytime.

The cloud service uses the same PoolPass software, either desktop or mobile app. The only difference is your data is stored in the cloud. Or you can use our web portal.

The cloud service provides unlimited membership storage and access by as many devices as you require.* There are no software license costs, you pay only a low monthly fee to host your database and an initial setup fee.  Click here for pricing.

PoolPass cloud service is built on Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, for high reliability, automatic hardware failover, automated maintenance, and backup. All data is encrypted on the server and during transfer over the internet.

Policies and Terms of Use

Customer Service Agreement (Updated February 9, 2020)

Acceptable Use Policy  (Updated February 10, 2018)

*Up to 1 million database transactions per month.  Contact for higher volume purchase.

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