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Working with Guest Passes

PoolPass maintains a count of "digital" guest passes for each Membership so you don't need to rely on punch cards or paper guest passes. Any Member in the Membership can use guest passes at check-in to admit guests. The number of passes used is then deducted from the Membership's account. Once the count reaches zero, guest passes can no longer be used. If you allow your Members to purchase more passes, an Administrator can add them back to their account in the Manage Memberships tab.

While you can choose how to implement replenishing guest passes according to your own club's policies, here are some ways that PoolPass can help automate this process:

1. Every new Membership may start off with some number of guest passes. When you create or import new Memberships, they can automatically start off with an allotment of passes. Navigate to the Configuration tab and set the "Initial Membership Guest Passes" to your desired number.

2. At the beginning of the pool season, all Memberships may receive a fixed allotment of passes, forfeiting any previous unused passes. On the Configuration tab, select "Update all Guest Passes" and then "Set All Membership Guest Passes to" your desired number and press "Apply".

3. You may let unused passes carry over, but add a fixed amount to every Membership account. On the Configuration tab, select "Update all Guest Passes" and then "Increment All Membership Guest Passes by" your desired number and press "Apply". Note: you can also decrement guest passes by entering a negative number. No account's pass count will go below zero, however.

When modifying all Membership guest passes at once, you can choose to skip updating Memberships that are suspended. If you have a Membership not in good standing, you may not want to replenish their guest passes as you would your others..

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