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5 Reasons Your Community Needs a Computerized Pool Pass System

1. Using manual methods is labor intensive. Wristbands, roster lists, and paper passes are slow and require a lot of work. Quite a lot of effort is required to mail out applications and keep records up to date in a binder, and it's error prone. At the front desk, searching through records to match paper passes or photo IDs against a list of authorized members is frustrating and slow. And each year records have to be manually updated. Membership software can automate all these tasks.

2. You can't suspend members until the end of the season. If a member fails to pay their dues or is otherwise in violation of a community policy, you have to confiscate their pass or list them on a do-not-admit list. With membership software, their record can just be flagged in the computer as "suspended".

3. It's hard to prevent sharing of passes. If you're using generic pool-pass cards or wristbands, those can easily be shared with non-members, avoiding guest pass rules. With computerized passes, each individual member is tracked during sign-in. The computer can even flag when someone tries to check in more than once in a given period of time.

4. You don't really know who is using your pool. Even if you have a logbook, its difficult to compile statistics on pool usage, which members are attending most frequently, and when the pool is busiest. A computerized system can compile and graph all this data for you instantly. This can help you manage the number of staff you need and determine appropriate pool hours.

5. Enforcing age-related check-in is difficult. Without a reliable way to verify age, its difficult to know if you can admit a child without supervision. Some pools allow older children to enter without a guardian, and software can verify ages based on date of birth. Also, children may not have a photo-ID required for check-in if your policy requires it.

Streamlining your member management and check-in process will save time and frustration for your pool managers and staff. Say goodbye to paper logs and member lists and automate your pool membership management!

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