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Getting Started with Members

When you start working with PoolPass, one of your first tasks is adding all your Memberships and Members. For a community pool, your Memberships might be families or households, and your Members could be each family member. If you're running a gym, you might only have one Member per Membership. In any case, how do you enter all this data?

When starting from scratch, first create new Memberships from the Membership Tab in PoolPass. A new Membership doesn't initially have any Members, but those are easily added on the same tab. All this data entry can be time consuming if you already have a member list, though. When you have an existing list, you can import all your data at once from an Excel spreadsheet using the "Import" button on the Configuration Tab.

In the example below, which you can download here, notice there are two Memberships, 1 and 2. (The "Doe" family and the "Homeowner" family). Each Membership has three Members. You only need to enter the address, phone, and other common information for one of the Members.

You can import new Members this way many times, as long as the Members aren't duplicates of ones you've already added to the database. You can also export your database in this format.

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