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Cloud Accounts

Cloud accounts store your member data securely in the cloud. An account is required for each facility you want to manage and each account supports an unlimited number of members. Contact us to request a new account.

Note: you do not need to purchase a license file for cloud accounts

Requires a $99 initial account activation fee. No commitments, cancel anytime. 

Pay-as-you go



Ideal for pools open in the summer season. Your data will be saved at the end of the season and available the following year.

March 1 through Sept 30



Full year, uninterrupted service at discounted pricing. Save 20% over the monthly cost.

Access year round



Licenses for Standalone Use (Windows/Mac Software)

For standalone use, your member data is stored securely on your computer's hard disk. The first 50 members are free. A one-time license fee allows you to upgrade the maximum number of members you can store.

Note: for iOS versions, upgraded capacity is only available as an In-App Purchase

License for up to 500 individuals


500 Members

License for up to 1000 individuals


1000 Members

License for up to 2000 individuals


2000 Members

Unlimited number of members



Purchase of a license enables additional members for only one copy of the software on a single PC.


When purchasing a license by credit card, you will see a charge by PAYPAL * POOLPASS on your credit card statement. You will receive an email within 24 hours with a license file and instructions on how to load it from within the software.